Make Your Treasures Timeless

Are you thinking about having a wonderful memory of you and your kids?

Then you must be on the look out for a photographer of family portraits. One of the main reasons to choose a photographer is their style and whether it’s right for you. My style has been described as elegant, classy, minimal and expressive at the same time. I like to capture your family just being you, in a beautiful setting. I also know how to get the best out of children and so I get them to show me (and my camera) their real personalities.
With Love,


What To Expect

I make sure that you know exactly what to expect at your photo session with me. Once your date is secured, I will guide you through some tips on what to wear and how to get the best out of the session.

Every family is unique. I will capture the magic of your family dynamic. Whether it's at your home or out in nature, your photos will reflect your character and personality as a family. Of course I will make sure to take adorable posed family photos, but honest moments are really what I’m after!

One day, these are going to be the photos you look back at to smile, laugh, and to remember. Photos that will be enjoyed for generations to come.
My Family packages start from €199. Contact me for more details.

"Ardit came to our home to photograph the family. The kids opened the door and he immediately started taking pictures. Which he continued the whole time he was with us. We initially just did what we usually do in the house, and Ardit took pictures. Then he gave some suggestions on what photos would be nice. Afterwards we went outside, and did more of the same. Some ideas of our own and some ideas came from Ardit. This resulted in very nice pictures. Communication was also very pleasant and Ardit was very helpful."
Chantal & Jeffrey

"We met Ardit in a time, where the world was shaking down above Corona. In a time where my world was full of sadness. My only wish: getting some pictures that tell our family love. Pure and naturally. Months later, my heart is warm when I think about this shoot. From the first minute we all felt comfortable with him. Like a day at the beach with a friend. Thank you Ardit, for these beautiful memories captured forever! Until next time."
Kim & the Crew

"After the great connection we had with Ardit on our wedding day, we new he was the right person to make the pregnancy photos and our newborn. We came to The Hague to have photos in his studio and at the beach. Having Ardit as your photographer is like hanging out with a friend, who at the right moment just takes the perfect photo!"
Iva & the baby

Bringing Your Treasures Home

Life is precious and fleeting. Memories that matter and bring us joy, need to be brought to life. Once you have beautiful photos of your family, you want to make sure they are out on display so you can look at them every day and smile. And I have the most stunning ways for you to display them. Together we can make an album for you to remember exactly how you felt on that day.

"A Little Bit Of Crazy A Little Bit Of Loud And A Whole Lot Of Love."

This is your chance to take a little time to enjoy each others’ company and experience a photoshoot at the same time. Together we will create images that are so much more than just a pretty picture.


Have any questions?

If you have any questions, would like to see a full price list, or would like to book a shoot, please feel free to contact me. I will get back to you as soon as possible with further information.

You imagine it, I'll picture it!