My name is pronounced Ar-dit which means “golden day” in Albanian. My family migrated to Italy when I was very young, and this new culture and language gave me a new perspective on life and myself. I was drawn to quiet moments and movements. Once I started noticing details, I could see how much beauty there is around us.

My love for photography was born in 2009 with a 5Mpx phone camera which inspired me to start capturing people, their true inner self, and the interaction between all human beings. The reason I became a photographer? To me, a photograph is one of the most timeless treasures I could ever have. They are precious gifts full of memories that bring me back to another time and place. I get to experience extraordinary moments I was never part of and remember and embrace the fading ones.
Doing this as a profession is an incredible privilege. Given this trust by my clients means everything to me. If I were to photograph you, please know that I will craft a unique and honest story that artfully preserves the memories of your family, yourself, or one of the most special days of your lives. One of the main reasons to choose a photographer is their style and whether it’s right for you. My style has been described as elegant, minimal, classy, and expressive. I like to capture you just being you.

I’ve been photographing for over 10 years now and I’m still a huge fan of all the anticipation, excitement, and celebration - and a sucker for a good love story!

When I’m not taking photos (which is almost never), my joy comes from being with my family, long walks at the beach, traveling (to anywhere), good Italian coffee, uniqueness, music, sunsets, laughing, love.
Here are some photos of me so you can get a look into my world before you invite me to photograph yours!
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You imagine it, I'll picture it!